It is important for safety reasons that your target must be up against the backstop before you shoot. There is no short shooting allowed. Please use the new yellow ammo can for any unwanted rounds. Also please shut off all lights and fans before you leave.

1) No Person may use this range during or after consuming alcohol or any controlled substance.
2) Eye and ear protection is required at all times.
3) All members are required to fob in when entering the clubhouse or    indoor and outdoor ranges.
4) Members with guests must sign in and fill out the guest book including times in and out along with the date.
5) No short shooting due to possibility of ricochet.
6) Pistols and Revolvers up to 45 caliber, including 44 magnum caliber are permitted.
7)  50 caliber ammunition or larger including 460 and 500 calibers are not permitted.
8) No shotgun or shot shells of any kind are allowed.
9) Lead, plated and jacketed ammunition can be fired.
10) No armor piercing ammunition can be fired.
11) No Contender type pistols or automatic firearms are       allowed.
12) Only rifles allowed in range are 22 rimfire calibers and air guns.

13) No combat shooting or crossfire shooting

(shooting from one lane to another).

14) Absolutely no discharging of firearms in front of pistol booths. You may only discharge your weapon while in the pistol booth.

Centralville Shooting Leagues

If you would like weekly Calendar updates click on UPTO and add your email to the calendar.

Youth Archery Classes

Jim Bahrakis would like to begin a youth archery class
to activate members children. Bows and arrows will be supplied.
If you are interested please contact
Jim at 978-957-1149 or
Dates and times are to be determined.

up coming Club Events

CPR Class

American Heart Association’s CPR course. 

The course will be taught by

Scott Lever, a certified AHA Instructor,

and the cost will be $35.00.

 It is a 4 hour class given at the club.

Contact Scott if you are interested in taking a class at

Club Orientations

Any member that would like a refresher orientation on the club grounds and ranges please contact

George Leclair at978-804-1013.

 George will have the committee set a time up. Any member who hasn’t had one should consider taking one; you never know what you might learn a lot has changed over the

past few years.

Club Rules and Violations

Please review all range rules and club rules.

These can be found on the website, inside the clubhouse and at each range.

Any questions regarding the rules please contact the president or vice-president.


Membership CAP 2016

Applications received After

April 28, 2016 
will be placed on the wait list

and will not be considered until

January of 2017

Dracut Food Pantry

The Dracut food pantry has an urgent need for non-perishable food items. Please help our neighbors in need by dropping off canned goods in the bin at the club when you attend a meeting or function. Your donation is greatly appreciated

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Shooting is not allowed at the outdoor ranges after

Sundown any day of the week or on Sundays before 1pm.
As a reminder, only paper targets are

permitted at the outdoor ranges.
Please remember to clean up your brass

when you are done shooting. Brass should be placed in

the 5 gallon buckets not in the trash barrels.

Please do not leave misfired
ammunition on the ground, benches, or

in the trash or brass buckets.

A special bucket has been placed by the benches,
strictly to discard any misfired ammunition.

There will be a cease fire on the outdoor ranges at 6:00pm during GLTL scheduled trap shoot.

Club News Board

Important Club Info

   Club Elections
The annual elections for the 2017 club officers and board of directors will be held November 16th, 2016 at the general meeting. The nomination process has begun and all members are encouraged to participate. Members can be nominated for any position by another member or they can nominate themselves. Members must be in attendance at the meeting when they are nominated.

Pledged to Conservation

centralville sportsmEn'S club

308 Wheeler Rd, Dracut, MA, United States : (978)-452-8095