308 Wheeler Rd, Dracut, MA, United States : (978)-452-8095


Centralville Sportsmen's Club


The 3-D Course

The recently completed 3-D course features 15 stations and offers a realistic hunting environment for members. 

Anyone interested in participating in archery or assisting with archery at the club should contact Jim Bahrakis at the meetings or  leave a message at the club at 978.452.8095. 



Planned activities for archery this year include Cub Scout shoots, Boy Scout shoots and a Kids Day event for member's children. We would also like to start a team to compete in league meets against other clubs. Anyone interested in helping with the planning and organization or with any suggestions please see Jim Bahrakis at the club meetings or leave a message at the club at 978.452.8095.

The Archery Field

The Centralville Sportsmen's Club archery field has something for every archery enthusiast. Stationary targets at 20, 30, and 40 yard distances are excellent to hone your skills. There is also a target restricted to fixed blades only. To simulate shooting from a tree stand there are two 20-foot tri-ladder stands to shoot from.